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Mellow Mood
Datum 8. 2. 2023

Mellow Mood je reggae bend nastao 2005. godine u gradiću Pordenoneu, na sjeveroistoku Italije. Predvođena blizanicma Jacopom i Lorenzom Garziom grupa vrlo rano započinje suradnju s producentom Paolom Baldinijem koji ubrzo postaje njihov dubmaster i kreator zvuka. Tijekom karijere, zahvaljujući svojim iskrenim i autentičnim nastupima, te hvaljenim albumima i singlovima postali su značajno ime u vrhu europske reggae scene. 

Prošle, 2022. godine, objavljuju šesti studijski album nazvan "Mañana" kojeg nam dolaze koncertno promovirati u Zagreb. Na albumu se nalazi 12 pjesama i na njemu gostuju brojna značajna reggae imena - Konshens, Million Stylez, Kabaka Pyramid, Emeterians, Sr. Wilson, Iya Terra, Alborosie i Anthony B

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- 10,00 € u pretprodaji 
- 12,00 € na ulazu u klub 
- 8,00 € za studente, uz predočenje X-ice, na ulazu u klub

Osim putem interneta, ulaznice se mogu kupiti u dućanu ploča PDV, na prvom katu kluba Pločnik, u Međimurskoj ulici 21 u Zagrebu. 

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Italian reggae band Mellow Mood formed in Pordenone (North-East Italy) in 2005. Led by twins Jacopo and Lorenzo Garzia, the band soon started their partnership with producer Paolo Baldini, who was later to become their sound architect and dubmaster. The official debut arrived in 2009 when, without a label, distributor or press office, Mellow Mood released "Move!", an album of roots sounds, intended to be a first "move" on the Italian reggae scene, but gaining international recognition nonetheless.  Thanks to their heartfelt live shows, Rototom Sunsplash named Mellow Mood the best Italian reggae band, and ranked them third at European level in the same year. The two singles "Only You" and "Dance Inna Babylon" now have more than fifty million views on YouTube. Mellow Mood went back into the studio with Baldini to record "Well Well Well" and were signed by Italy's most important independent label, La Tempesta, in 2012. A European tour followed and led to the band playing in 12 countries, and performing at key festivals like Rototom Sunsplash and Sziget Festival.

Stripping back to a core band line-up in 2013 (without a horns section), Mellow Mood coupled their rediscovery of roots music with a deeper knowledge of the most recent Jamaican sounds, releasing "Twinz" in 2014. The album was enriched by a number European collaborations (Portugal's Richie Campbell, Spain's Sr. Wilson and Italy's Forelock and KG Man).

Less than 10 months later, "Twinz" revealed its twin: "2 The World" bore witness to the band's evolution and featured several Jamaican artists like Tanya Stephens, Jah9, Hempress Sativa, The Gideon & Selah. In late 2015 Mellow Mood also celebrated the birth of their own sub-label La Tempesta Dub (to release the band's future works). After having assisted Baldini in the making of "DubFiles" at Song Embassy, Papine, Kingston 6, Mellow Mood kept busy touring Europe and America intensively in 2016 and 2017. They performed at many of the most important reggae festivals across both continents like Sierra Nevada World Music Festival (USA), Jamming Festival (Colombia), Siempre Vivo Reggae Festival (Chile), Reggae Sun Ska (France) and Rototom Sunsplash (Spain).  After a short hiatus, the band announced the release of new record "Large", in April 2018. On November 30th 2018 they followed it with Large Dub, a collection of dub versions from the preceding work, with Paolo Baldini at the mixer controls as dubmaster.  During 2020, Mellow Mood took part in a riddim compilation produced by Collie Buddz and Johnny Cosmic, with their single "Unstoppable". The compilation was released via United States based label Ineffable Records. The collaboration with the label continues today with follow up Mr. Global ft. Kabaka Pyramid, Laser Sight, Blessings On Me and I & I Chant ft. Emeterians.  In 2022 they released their sixth album "Mañana", with 12 tracks featuring artists such as Konshens, Million Stylez, Kabaka Pyramid, Emeterians, Sr. Wilson, Iya Terra, Alborosie and Anthony B.